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Our recommendation for piercing aftercare is

to clean it and leave it alone. 

Use a MILD baby soap or body wash in the shower

to clean the dead skin cells and

dried crusty off the piercing.


 If it moves on its own when you are cleaning

it that is fine,

when it's healed it will move around

just fine with no problems.


~Please  Don't Force Your Jewelry to Move~

If your jewelry moves around on its own

as you are cleaning it that is totally fine.


PLEASE DO NOT pick at your piercing!

Voluntary moving your jewelry around or picking at your piercing

will only upset your piercing

cause excess inflammation and possible infection! 

Please Do not force your jewelry to move especially when it's dry!

You skin will NOT Stick to the Jewelry

That's a Myth! 

Helpful Information

Your piercing will drain a clear white/yellowish fluid throughout the healing period this is normal, it is "lymph plasma /dead skin cells" that needs to come out and drain. When this matter dries it turns into the "crusty stuff".

 Let it take its course, don’t pick it off, do not mistake it for puss, it’s not.

If you think your piercing is getting funky, call the shop Immediately.


Recommended Care  for Your New Piercing


For Below The Neck & Genital Piercings

Clean twice a day with a MILD BABY SOAP (OR) A MILD BODY WASH,

any brand that is mild enough for your personal skin.

 Use clean hands and make a nice lather with the soap in the shower then clean your piercing.

Make sure to rinse off the soap completely after each cleaning with water.

DO NOT FORCE JEWELRY TO MOVE, if  it moves freely while cleaning it that’s ok.



For Tongue Piercings

It is VERY IMPORTANT for the healing period that ORAL SEX or ANY ORAL CONTACT is avoided. If you engage in any of this there is a much higher risk of infection. READ THIS CAREFULLY!! Every time you eat, smoke, or engage in any oral contact you must rinse out your mouth with “BIOTENE - MOUTHWASH”. WE ALSO RECOMMEND USING “GLYOXIDE” DROPS once or twice a day by applying a few drops on the piercing and letting it sit for about 60 seconds then spit out the excess.  DURING THE HEALING PERIOD OF YOUR NEW PIERCING




For Lip and Labret Piercings

To clean the outside of the piercing you can use “BACTINE” using a Q-Tip or you can use a Mild FACIAL CLEANSER or Baby Soap.  gently clean the piercing two times a day.  ON THE INSIDE RINSE with “BIOTENE - MOUTHWASH” or you can SWISH with your TOOTHPASTE after you brush your teeth. (Biotene mouthwash is highly recommended)

DO NOT FORCE JEWELRY TO MOVE, if  it moves freely while cleaning it that’s ok.


Additional Facial Piercings

Piercings included on EARS, NOSE, EYEBROW, FACE. To clean your piercing you can use “BACTINE” using a Q-Tip or you can wash with a Mild Facial Cleaner or Baby Soap Wash. Gently clean the piercing two times a day. Be sure if you choose to use a FACIAL CLEANSER, it is MILD enough for “YOUR” skin and that you rinse it off with water after you have cleaned your piercing. (Make sure your cleanser does NOT contain Alpha Hydroxy or any other Acids, as they can irritate and inflame the piercings)


DO NOT pick at your piercing!

DO NOT force your jewelry to move!


We URGE you NOT to use ANY of these products below!!  

They are much to harsh for your skin and can cause a chemical burn, irritation, inflamation etc.

They can prevent the healing of new skin cells that are trying to form and will slow down

and /or prevent your piercing from healing completely!



Rubbing Alcohol is very bad for your skin, Unless you want to dry the crap out of it, DO NOT use it on your piercings.

Alcohol should be used to clean glass around the house, the toilet, your shoes, or your car windows!

Seriously unless you are in the middle of the jungle and you get a nasty wound,

if you happen to have a bottle of alcohol in your pocket then you can scrub the crap out of it, but only in times of disparity.  

The reason why it stings and burns when you put it on a cut is that its ACTUALLY BURNING YOUR SKIN! 

It can cause excoritation on the skin ie : little micro tears in the tissue that will get inflamed and irritated and that makes more entry way for even more bacteria to come into the piercing hang out and have a party.  

There are better ways to keep your piercing clean without destroying the good cells that are trying to form.




The above explanation works with this as well 

Peroxide is part Bleach! YES BLEACH! Would you normally pore bleach on a cut? 

Please don't try to DISINFECT your new piercing with it!

Piercings do not need to be "DISINFECTED" OR STERILIZED"

If you keep your piercings clean and air dry

and keep your FINGERS OFF!

Your immune system and you body will get to work

and help to heal your new piercing nice and quick :) 

Just remember stay hydrated and eat right also!




 Not sure about it? Call us at the shop! 

Excessive soaking a wound in water is just a bad idea, if you add salt, then it's a really bad idea!  

{Ask a really good plastic surgeon he will tell you don't even get it wet for a week} 


If you are going to clean tropical place for vacation like Hawaii, Fiji, French Polynesian

you most likely can enjoy the Saltwater, {just don't "Soak" for too long}

 This is because it's the Natural Ocean has amazing healing capabilities.

But you just can't get the same "salt Ocean water" in a bottle off the shelf.

Just be careful of water bacteria warnings where you are swimming!


Another great example.....

If you get a pretty good cut on your finger, you are probably

 going to be careful and not even do the dishes for a few days right?

Let alone soak the cut in some saltwater right, maybe because it will sting, and get extra oozy and inflamed. 

That's why it's not a good idea to soak a fresh piercing in it either.

Inflamed piercings are not fun! When you use harsh stuff to try to "HEAL" your

piercing all you are doing is forcing your body to make a crazy decision,

 should your body heal the piercing or fight this crazy inflaming solution that is coming at it 5 times a day

choking the life outta the new cells that are trying to form? 

Unfortunately, your body will try to FIGHT first!

Fight the harsh chemicals that you are putting on it instead of just focusing on healing your piercing.

So the healing won't go very well, and neither will the fight, cause you

keep soaking it in irritating it in a shot glass of saltwater

or whatever else your "friends" or the good old "Internet" told you to use.

Its just better to clean your piercings and leave them to heal by staying hydrated and eating right.








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